Sunday, July 18, 2010

About Me: The Director's cut...

Howdy folks...

I'm a little new to the whole blogging thing.  Traditionally, I have not shared my knowledge and life outside of those I directly communicate with.  But seeing as I am a developer in 2010 (and hopefully beyond), it's high time I live in the now and start spouting off at the virtual mouth like every other dude that's been doing this for as long as I have.  I will say that I can't take credit for this decision.  I took some prodding from a couple of people (that's right.. looking at YOU, Tami and Scott).  I guess I've managed to convince (or fooled them) into thinking I know what I'm talking about on some subjects.

Anyway.. since I am so new to blogging (and Blogger in particular), I managed to blow past the amount of space allowed for my bio.  And since I never tire of patting myself on the back, the following is the director's cut of my original bio:

I am a software developer, and have been able to develop applications for what is now a majority of my life.  

I am currently employed by a significant player in the building and contracting industry to provide a few highly integrative applications for estimating, reporting and managing projects.  Odds are, if you live in the southwest, you may have stepped foot in or heard of at least one of those building projects that the applications my team has written has helped manage.

Over the course of my life and career, I've developed on a multitude of platforms.  I have written for the Vic 20/C-64, Amiga, Apple II and other systems of that era as well as modern platforms such as Windows, several flavors of Posix and the web. I have dabbled a bit on Mac and mobile platforms such as Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, and Android.  I have coded in more programming languages  than I can count on one hand (maybe two if you count some lesser known syntax).

Professionally, I've designed the architecture for and written a variety of applications and systems.  I've written real estate search engines and credit card processors. And I've written applications that estimate a cost of a building to actually displaying and reporting information on that building in a naviagable 3-dimensional model. 

My spare time is a commodity.  But when I have it, I enjoy outlets of creativity such as art, movies, music, games (video and otherwise), and cooking.  I especially enjoy those things any time I can share the experiences with my extremely supportive and close family or if I can combine the creativity with my passion for coding. 

I'm hoping I can add blogging to that list.

There you have it.  And this is the end of my first (albeit pretentious) blog entry.  I promise that at least one of the ones that follow will be far more worthy of your time and readership... or your money back!

Best Regards,

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  1. Hi Dan. Welcome to the Blogosphere!